Mainstream Tae Kwon Do in Dallas, TX

Children and adults alike benefit from the study of tae kwon do at our martial arts school in Dallas, Texas. Learn the Korean “way of the hand and foot” from our founder and primary instructor at My Martial Arts. Tony Rios holds a fourth-degree black belt.

Not only does this form of martial arts enhance health and fitness, it also readies students to advance to competition. We teach a style of tae kwon do that is based on the Olympic style. A student who trains with us can go on to compete at the highest levels. Whether you want to learn this martial art to complete in the Olympics or improve your fitness level, we have a martial arts class for you.

What Is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae kwon do is an ancient martial art that uses both hands and feet. Hands are used to punch and block, as well as to split wood and bricks – at the more advanced levels. Feet are used to kick, jump, and parry. The formal discipline of this martial art builds self-confidence for the student and teaches respect for others – fellow students, as well as the instructor.

Learn Physical & Mental Discipline
Expect improved physical and mental fitness levels from yourself or your children who are enrolled in our tae kwon do classes. Each class begins with stretching, breathing, and meditation to loosen the muscles and focus the mind. Next, students practice forms and sparring, using both the hands and feet.

This type of martial art is a great workout for cardio and strength. Not only do students punch, kick, and jump, they practice movements. The physical and mental discipline you or your child learns at our martial arts school enables you to advance in class, as well as in life or school.

Students who take our tae kwon do classes also learn self-defense. These moves can be very useful in evading danger or blocking someone who may be threatening you.

Instruction for Competitive Tae Kwon Do

If your child would like to compete in the martial arts, we can provide the necessary training. Our founder himself has competed at the national and international levels. After studying tae kwon do for two to three years, we recommend that your student take Brazilian jujitsu for a well-rounded foundation in the martial arts. Talk to us about your child and his or her aspirations and we can develop a successful training program.

Contact us today to learn the hand and foot movements that make up the martial art of tae kwon do. We provide martial arts classes for children and adults in Dallas, Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and Medical District, Texas.